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where is your boy ToNighT... [entries|friends|calendar]

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12/29 @ 2:45 am
[ mood | blah ]

Friends Only. Comment to be Added. Thnx.
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Matt on Myspace?!? [Tuesday
8/16 @ 5:54 pm
Okay.. so my friend jumped on myspace & found this..

Matt's Myspace?

I admit, I enjoy a laugh over a good fake sometimes. But is this TOO good of a fake?
What do you think? Really him? I had my doubts in the beginning.. but.. I mean, there's a picture of him holding a SIGN. It looks real to me, I don't know a lot about Photoshop but my friend does, (if someone faked it - that's a REALLY good sign.), it looks handwritten. Plus, it doesn't say ANYTHING about him being in Busted, or famous, looks like he's just trying to make some friends. The pictures.. well, there's no Busted photoshoots or anything. He looks like a regular guy.

So.. him or not?

.. if it is matt, he seems really cool. Down-to-earth, more than I thought he would be anyway. He seems like an awesome dude.

I'm kind of weird about my girls. I like odd things. I like odd girls.

Oh yeah, and try not to flood him with messages/friend requests. If it is him.. which I'm sorta convinced it is.. he obviously doesn't want a ton of people messaging him, right? Especially not you teenies, I know you're out there. And I hate you.
I can just see it.. OMGZ IZ DIS RILLY MATT?!?!11 MATT JAY?!? OMFGZ MARRY ME!!1

xposted in a few other busted groups & on myspace.
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